Officers & Phone Numbers

SVLPOA Officers:

President — Sonja Jones — 900-1035

Vice President — Shaun Shultz, 425-457-1557

Secretary — Sharon Gould, 998-1804

Treasurer — John Jones, 485-2855

Building Coordinator — Ryan Myer, 533-7542

Contact a current Board member for information about using the Community Center for your activity.

The SVLPOA Board members are residents who volunteer to provide breakfasts and activities for the community. They have no authority to act as a policing agent in the event of neighborhood disputes or illegal activities. If you have a problem or emergency, call 911 or the Sheriff’s office.

County Service Area (CSA) #2 Advisory Board Members:

Chair — Monte Winters — 533-9264

Vice Chair — Helen Mitcham

Ed Smith, Jim McDole,Scott Prewett, Mark Currier, Joe Welz

Other Numbers:

Community Center — 533-9158

Newsletter Editor & Website — Monte Winters, 533-9264

CampGround Committee:

Campground Information — 998-9194

Campground Keys — 533-9294