Officers & Phone Numbers

SVLPOA Officers:

President — Helen Mitcham-707+998-9194

Vice President –Claudia Lindheimer-562-644-0724

Secretary –Lori Gomez-707-317-4711

Treasurer — Vicki Hennen-707-900-1935

Building Coordinator — Anthony Lindheimer-562-644-0724

Camp Keys–Helen Mitcham-707-988-9194

Community Center Rental–Connie Sager-707-303-0797

News Letter–Kristin Langdale-707-540-2589

Contact a current Board member for information about using the Community Center for your activity–Connie Sager-707-303-0797.

The SVLPOA Board members are residents who volunteer to provide breakfasts and activities for the community. They have no authority to act as a policing agent in the event of neighborhood disputes or illegal activities. If you have a problem or emergency, call 911 or the Sheriff’s office.

County Service Area (CSA) #2 Advisory Board Members:

Chair — Monte Winters — 533-9264

Vice Chair — Helen Mitcham

Ed Smith, Jim McDole,Scott Prewett, Mark Currier, Joe Welz

Other Numbers:

Newsletter Editor & Website –Kristin Langdale-707-540-2589

CampGround Committee:

Campground Information — Helen Mitcham-707-998-9194

Campground Keys –Helen Mitcham-707-998-9194