Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.)

The C.E.R.T. group are volunteers working for the safety of the community in the event of an emergency or catastrophe. They hold monthly training and information meetings at the Community Center. All residents are invited to attend these meetings.

Members of the C.E.R.T. group also attend county and state meetings to keep the group informed of actions and plans of the Office of Emergency Services, Cal Fire, and Lake County Fire.

Members have passed C.E.R.T. training classes to learn how to work with the agencies during an emergency.

Posted April, 2019

CERT meetings, normally held in the community center on the first Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m., have been temporarily suspended. Watch this space for the Next meeting’s time and location.

Contact Monte Winters [] if you have an interest in joining CERT.

Thank you

Posted January 31, 2018

Our December meeting was held on the first Wed. of the month. Only a few team members showed up for this. We have to start off the new year with a bigger turn out. If any one is interested in joining our CERT team, please contact a member or come to a meeting, they are held the 1st Wed. of every month at 6pm at the Community Center.

Is there anyone out there that would be interested in a First Aide Class, probably dealing with Wilderness Aide? It could be useful to any and all homeowners, especially those with children, and neighbors who watch children. I would like to have a great show for this project. It would be put on a member of North Shore Fire and it would benefit the entire valley, not only in an emergency, but daily routine life as well.

Come join us on Wednesday, February 7.

John P. Jones

C.E.R.T. Captain

Posted December 28, 2017


by Monte Winters

The December meeting of our CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) was attended by just four members.  It follows a meeting also lacking in attendance.  The question that comes to mind is;

“Do we want to continue the CERT program in Spring Valley?”

Initial CERT training concentrates on several concepts that make the training worthwhile.  The first and most important: Do nothing that will put you (the CERT member) in any danger, ever.  The second, in an emergency:  Take care of yourself, then your family and property, then help your neighbors.  The training then covers likely disasters a CERT may need to face and provides a “skill toolkit” to use to survive and help others to survive.

Once completed, the training and toolkit stays with you.  Whether or not you remain an active CERT member, you will have gained the confidence and skills to better prepare for and survive an emergency in the community or in your household.

CERT training also proves the value of teamwork.  A team is far safer, smarter and more capable than an individual.  A team can direct traffic within Spring Valley during an emergency so that we avoid the traffic jam of the last fire.  A team can evaluate conditions over a wide area much faster than an individual.

So, those few at the December CERT meeting agreed that we need a CERT program and we need to train more neighbors.  Through CERT we can teach more and more people how to avoid being victims in an emergency.

Chief Jay of Northshore Fire has “bought in” to CERT and is working with us to obtain more training opportunities and equipment.  He has already submitted a grant request to supply CERT with new radios capable of communicating with other first responders during an emergency.  And he has offered to provide medical training to CERT members if we can provide at least ten students with or without CERT training.

We’ve crossed the road, and we hope to make 2018 the year that Spring Valley CERT exceeds twenty active members.  If you want to help us with this goal, come to a meeting the first Wednesday of any month, 6:00 p.m., at the community center.

Posted November 29, 2017

At our Nov. meeting we had the pleasure of Chief Jay from North shore fire; attend and speak on CERT issues he had and we answered. Discussion on what we are willing to do to help in the time of need, without jeopardizing ourselves. Communication was another concern and we may get radio’s to check with I.C. with only a single channel to talk on. It was a great meet for all of us with lots of questions and good answers, very informative. We will have our next CERT meeting on Wed., Dec. 6th. at 6pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Also brought up is a possible First Aid course if we can get at least 10 participants. Chief Jay would provide the instructor. Call me @ 707-485-2855 if interested or show up at the Wed meeting. Everyone should know some first aid; it is called “just in case”. Stay safe.

John Jones

2017 C.E.R.T. Captain

Posted October 31, 2017

Sorry that most of the CERT members did not make the last meeting on Wed., Oct. 4th. I do hope that most of them will show for Nov. 1st, meeting, as we need to have a discussion on the “Fire Drill” we had here, not of our own making. I am speaking of the evacuation orders that came early in the morning of the14th. Some got out, before the “stay in your home” or “go the Community Center” came out. Bring some ideas with you on how to respond to this situation. We need better communication between team members.

Posted October 5, 2017

FEMA Prepare for Fire Prevention Week and the Great ShakeOut

Important Dates to Remember

Posted August 31, 2017

The C.E.R.T. meeting for September has been changed from Wednesday, September 6, to Saturday, September 9, at 10:00 am. The meeting will be held at the Spring Valley firehouse on Tamarak Way.  We will tour the firehouse and have a volunteer firefighter show us the equipment available in the event of an emergency. Anyone interested in this information is invited to attend.

The C.E.R.T. committee is working on plans to provide evacuation stations within our area if we need them. The committee is planning to ask large property owners in the area for their assistance during an emergency. When discussions are completed, a map of available evacuation stations will be printed and distributed for your use.

C.E.R.T. member, Rebecca Campbell, is looking over the federal Firewise Community program to see if our area can be included. This is a program requesting that a large number of residents volunteer on a regular basis to make our area better prepared in the event of a wildfire. The Firewise Community program may make it possible to submit for fire safety grant funds, and may provide lower insurance costs to residents.

Your 2017 CERT captain;

John Jones

POSTED JULY 31, 2017

The C.E.R.T. committee is working on plans to provide evacuation stations within our area if we need them. Shawn Schultz, the owner of Spring Valley Ranch on Old Long Valley Rd., has agreed that residents with animals can use his property as an evacuation station. Thank you, Shawn.

The committee is also planning to ask additional large property owners in the area for their assistance during an emergency. When discussions are completed, a map of available evacuation stations will be printed and distributed for your use.

C.E.R.T. member, Rebecca Campbell, is looking over the federal Firewise Community program to see if our area can be included. This is a program requesting that a large number of residents volunteer on a regular basis to make our area better prepared in the event of a wildfire. The Firewise Community program may make it possible to submit for fire safety grant funds, and may provide lower insurance costs to residents.  If you are interested in working on having this program in our area, come to the C.E.R.T. meeting on Wednesday, August 2, at 6:00 PM.

Your 2017 CERT captain;

John Jones



Community Emergency Response Team

Hi my name is John Jones and I am the new elected CERT team captain for 2017 and Mark Curry is my second in command. We plan to operate with the same concerns and ideas as our residents of Spring Valley. Our meetings are on the 1st Wednesday of every Month at 6pm-7pm at the Community Center. All are welcome to attend and or find out how to join our team. We want to be ready for any type of disaster that may strike us. Anyone with concerns should voice them at the meeting and we will have; or get you, the correct answer. Please accept our invitation to stop in to find out what we are about.  Thank you:  J. P. Jones

Posted December 1, 2016

Coming Spring 2017 – Spring Valley CERT Safety & Awareness Event

Have you ever found yourself wondering…?

I pay a fee to CAL Fire for fire prevention.  It is higher than I pay for fire protection from Northshore Fire.  Since the fee became effective we’ve paid over $200,000, what did I get for that money?  How much has been spent here in Spring Valley?

Or… Grasses on our properties is supposed to be cut short by May of each year to protect ourselves and our neighbors from fire.  How do we report a property that isn’t compliant?

Better yet…The campground is used by young residents for parties every year.  They do a lot of damage that eats up our campground revenue fixing things instead of improving them.  Who do I call to report such a party?  Should I go down and talk to them?

This coming spring, your Spring Valley CERT is going to help you get the answers to these and other concerns weighing on the minds of fellow residents.  CERT will be hosting a safety and awareness event at the Community Center and will be inviting agencies from across the county who affect our lives in the valley and the types of services we receive.  These agencies will include CalFire, Lake County Sheriff, Special Districts, North Shore Fire, REACH and many more. These folks will bring all their cool toys and equipment to show off so bring the kids as well.  CERT would also like to host a Q&A panel for the leaders of these agencies.

We will continue to update you as a concrete date takes shape and more agencies commit to attending.

Tim Campbell: Captain, Spring Valley CERT

C.E.R.T. Posted September 1, 2016


Public Information Release
August 4, 2016
Lieutenant Steve Brooks, Public Information Officer

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services is encouraging residents to prepare for disasters and emergencies. As we have already seen, it will be an active year for fires, and now is the time to take action to prepare for evacuations.
LEAVE EARLY cannot be emphasized enough. If you think a wildland fire may be a threat to you or your property, do not wait for an evacuation order to leave.
The Sheriff’s Office will issue Shelter-in-place, Voluntary and Mandatory Evacuation Notices via the CityWatch telenotification system, Nixle, and local media. If time and safety permit, emergency personnel may be used in small areas to make announcements. If you do not have a wireline phone through AT&T, you will need to sign up for CityWatch via the Sheriff’s Web page, . You can also sign up for Nixle alerts via the Sheriff’s Web page.
The Sheriff’s Office also has the capability to use the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert sand Warning System), which sends a Wireless Emergency Alert to compliant cell phones within the warned area. You can check to see if your cell phone is capable of receiving WEA messages at: . You do not need to sign up to receive WEA Messages.
In some events, you will be directed to Shelter in Place. In case of fire, close your windows, doors, and air intake systems to prevent smoke from entering your home or business. Attempting to leave may place you in harm’s way from either the hazard or responding equipment.
A Voluntary Evacuation is issued when authorities estimate the hazard to be at least six hours away. This is the time to prepare to leave, and to leave if you have small children, animals or limited mobility persons in your care. If you do not have the resources to evacuate, this also gives you time to request assistance.
A Mandatory Evacuation is issued when authorities estimate that the hazard is two hours or less from impacting you. It is time to leave! Emergency resources may already be in the area. During a Mandatory Evacuation, the evacuated area will be closed to all but emergency personnel, until the danger has passed.
If you wait to leave until 30 minutes or less before the hazard affects you, emergency personnel will consider that a response to you will be a rescue, and each case will be evaluated with the safety of emergency personnel in mind.
If you are instructed to leave, you will be directed to a shelter or assembly point where further assistance will be available.
When an evacuation order is issued, it is imperative that you comply with the order. Firefighters are placed at a higher risk when performing structure protection, and protecting residents during evacuations under extreme conditions compounds the issue.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Lake County Fire Chiefs Association and Lake County Animal Care and Control Office all encourage you to take time now to prepare!

For further information, contact:
Lake County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services: 707-263-3450
Lakeport Fire: 707-263-4396
Kelseyville Fire: 707-279-4268
Southlake County Fire: 707-987-3089
Lake County Fire: 707-994-2170
Northshore Fire: 707-274-3100
U.S.F.S.: 707-275-2561
Lake County Animal Care & Control: 707-263-0278

C.E.R.T. Posted August 1, 2016

(Community Emergency Response Team)

At the July 6 meeting of the C.E.R.T. group, Monte Winters discusses the items necessary that each response team member needs to have to be effective in an emergency. He will be working with the Office of Emergency Services to collect as many of the items as possible.

The team members are now planning to have a Safety and Information Expo on Saturday, November 5. They are for asking area residents to submit any questions they have about activities and challenges in the area. A large envelope labeled “COMMUNITY QUESTIONS” will be available at the Pantry for placing any question(s) you would like to have discussed. Write as many questions as you like, they will be collected and presented to the panel of agency personnel who will be available during the November 5 Expo.


Community Emergency Response Team

by Monte Winters

It has been awhile since we updated the community on our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and we thought it wise to make updates regularly — like once a month. To begin with, Yes, we do have a CERT in the valley and it has met monthly for over a year now.

In March Tim Campbell was voted into the position of CERT Captain. Why the change? Because the Captain is our interface with the agencies outside of Spring Valley and because the current Captain, or any other team member, may be involved in an emergency that befalls us. Having only one person trained in that job could result in underperformance by the team. As our new Captain says, “One is none and Two is one,” meaning until you have three of everything you may need, you must keep training or gathering until there are at least three. Triple redundancy, at least, is the rule for CERT.

To get our CERT packs ready for an emergency we are trying to figure out what to put in them. There are some common tools that go in because we are a CERT and they make us useful, but the rest of the pack should hold everything we need to remain alive and healthy and functional for at least three days. Deciding which items best provide for our safety, health and comfort is quite a challenge; remember, you have to carry the pack.

The same rule should apply when preparing for an emergency at home. A “go bag” in the bedroom should look a lot like the one in the trunk of the car, and maybe the office. A gallon of water per day per person is the common rule for emergency water supply. Applying the redundancy rule with the water rule would mean a family of two should have six gallons of water stored in three different locations. Flexibility here would allow three five-gallon water bottles to serve the purpose. Most of us haven’t stored more than the bottles in the fridge, but we’re working on it.

Our team has reached out to the Hidden Valley CERT to share training opportunities and to help the county “grow” CERT teams and we are also looking to add CERT members to our teams. If you are interested in joining CERT or just want to know more about getting ready for the next emergency, stop by one of our meetings. The first Wednesday of every month, 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center.


Citizen’s Emergency Response Team Posted April 1, 2016

Monte Winters

At the March 2, 2016, Spring Valley CERT meeting I turned the Captain’s reins over to Tim Campbell.  He has a heavy load because the team has laid out an aggressive set of priorities to work on this year including:

  1. Continuing our effort to continuously improve our community’s resistance to wildland fire by working with CAL Fire, Northshore Fire, USFS and the BLM to reduce fuel avenues into the valley and to identify and mitigate hazards on personal property — helping our neighbors be firesafe neighbors.
  2. Working with other CERT units to host safety events within Lake County.  The goals:  To inform residents about disasters and hazard risks they may face and, therefore, should prepare for.  To work with all agencies to display the public commitment to citizen preparation and to provide a venue for “town hall” style questions and answers to our neighbors’ questions on neighborhood-specific issues
  3. Continue our efforts to bring the engineer-suggested “Cache Creek Slide” mitigation efforts to fruition by re-gathering those with a vested interest, restating the issues, planning and implementing solutions.
  4. To increase CERT membership and educate our agency partners on CERT capabilities and commitment; CERT is here to help.

Any of these “projects” will require a lot of volunteer time and effort but the Spring Valley CERT is committed to them.  After all, our overarching priority is the safety of ourselves, our families and our neighbors.

For those of you with whom I’ve worked in the past year or so, thank you for supporting CERT while I was Captain.  And, No, I’m not going anywhere, so while not the CERT Captain, I will be CERT-active in support of Tim and look forward to introducing him to all of you.

In closing please note that CERT in Lake County is a trained and sworn OES resource.  We respond in our specific neighborhood in a disaster and we are “assignable” to any other county neighborhood struck by disaster.  From a management structure point of view, CERT reports to the Sheriff’s OES — currently to Undersheriff Chris Macedo.

Spring Valley CERT News Posted March 1, 2016

    by Monte Winters

Those attending and being sworn at our February 3rd ceremony:  Ernie Lahti, Win Cary, John Jones, Gini Durand, Bob Hendrickson, Carol Butzbach, Rebecca Campbell, Tim Campbell, Peggy O’Day, Richard Vasquez, Mark Currier, Whitewolf Switzer, Luther “Monte” Winters.

For the record, Win Cary was trained at the CERT train that occurred in Lakeport at the trailer park a couple years ago.  Ernie Lahti was trained in 2008 by OES/Clearlake Fire.  All others were trained in March of 2015 — John Jones and myself for the 2nd time.  All have filed at least one DSW form with OES.

Spring Valley CERT is considering putting on a community safety day in the Fall.  It would be along the lines of the one held here about ten years ago that included CAL Fire, Lake County Fire Department, CFD, the Sheriff’s Office, NSF, Reach, Yolo County Flood Control, Special Districts, County Health and other agencies.  It also included a community meeting that addressed safety issues that could affect Spring Valley.  It was a great success and led to similar events around the lake that continue today.  We think we could use such an event to focus a light on CERT and attract members.  If this event were expanded to county-wide we might more efficiently use agency $$ and time.  CERT could play a large and visible role.

Because of the lake in the middle of the county, the “event” might be changed to “events” in the planning, thus giving access to a larger section of the population — perhaps one event in Lakeport and one in Lower Lake (somewhere).  Let me know if this idea is timely.  Planning takes about five or six months to work in all the agencies and avoid (having agencies away from their bases during) fire season.

C.E.R.T. Posted April 2, 2015

Congratulations to the 12 team members who completed the CERT Certification Class held over the March 14 & 15 weekend: Carol Butzbach, Rebecca and Tim Campbell, Mark Currier, Gini Durand, Bob Hendrickson, John Jones, Chris Musser, Peggy O’Day, Whitewolf Switzer, Richard Vasquez, and Monte Winters.

This was both an educational and rewarding weekend. We had three presenters Jennifer Jones and Rodger Doncaster representing Red Cross and Marisa Chilafoe with Lake County OES.

Although the days were long we moved along with a combination of  exercises, reviews and  covered nine units. I believe we are the only Certified CERT members in Lake County.

Our next meeting will be the first Wednesday of the month April 1st at 6:00 pm. Please mark your calendars as we will be discussing a new meeting day along with table top exercises.


Peggy O’Day

Certified CERT Member

2015 Spring Valley CERT Graduation